HealthyWage Review: Get Paid Hundreds Of Dollars To Lose Weight

Does The HealthyWage App Actually Pay You Money To Lose Weight?

Want to get paid to lose weight? This can’t really be possible, right? I must agree, it does sound too good to be true, and when it seems too good, it probably is. That’s what this article is all about. Today I am going to answer this question once and for all win this HealthyWage review.

This article serves as a means to spread knowledge. Is this whole “gain money through weight loss” thing a complete scam or a real way to earn some good, hard cash. I’ve got all the answers, so let’s start by addressing who this magical company is that’s trying to pay people money to lose a few extra pounds.

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What Is HealthyWage And Is It Legit?

HealthyWage is a weight loss website that was founded by two men named David Roddenberry and Jimmy Flemming. This website was established in 2009. The site is designed to help bring a more fun and energetic approach to people trying to lose weight.

What’s more fun than earning a cash prize for losing the desired pounds you initially wanted to drop anyway. It’s like a dream, right? It’s definitely unconventional, but is it a scam? I have done excessive amounts of research to give you the most accurate answer. No HealthyWage is not a scam and is in fact legit.

It’s a legitimate business that allows you to get monetary rewards for losing weight. A clear sign that the company isn’t a scam is that it’s been operating for more than a decade. Like I mentioned before, HealthyWage has been serving their customers since 2009.  

How Does HealthyWage Work?

The concept of HealthyWage is that you make a bet with the business about the amount of weight you’re going to lose in a specific period. Losing the exact weight you said you’d lose results in you winning the bet and some cash prizes.  

A few factors determine the amount of money that you can win. These are things such as your current weight, the amount you’re betting, and more. The cash prizes you win are sent to you either through PayPal or by check.

The money that you’ve bet is given to the HealthyWage if you lose. These funds are used to support the business, make sure it’s able to continue operating, and provide money to the winners.

For extra ways to win, join one of the competitions. Lots of weight loss competitions are offered by the website, which you need to sign up to participate in.

An email address and a unique password are the only requirements that you need to participate in one of the competitions offered by HealthyWage.

Want to try it out? Go here to join.

How Do You Get Paid?

You’ve won your bet, and you want to know ‘what happens now?’ You receive HW points. Each HW point is worth $1.00.

For example, you’re your winning bet is $500.00, you are entitled to reaching 500 HW points. These points are added to your account by late evening on the day of your prize announcement.

You’re able to do a few things once these HW points are present in your account. These are:

  1. Request a payout (This is done through check or PayPal)
  2. Use your HW points to join a new challenge
  3. Use your HW points as a way to pay the installments on a current challenge (This is a more unconventional way of using your HW points and requires you to email HealthyWage’s accounting department for this arrangement to be set-up)

The information that I found on HealthyWage’s website states that there is a $7.00 processing fee for a paper check issue.

There is no fee that HealthyWage applies to payments through PayPal, but PayPal does take an extremely small portion off of the amount sent by HealthyWage. This is strictly for PayPal’s services, and none of the fees get sent to HealthyWage. 

Other Ways To Earn Money

The ways mentioned above for earning money are pretty moderate amounts that you can receive. HealthyWage also gives out huge paydays, including the following challenges:

Step Challenge

The Step Challenge is one way to earn extra money on the site. This is done with your team, and you must hit 1 million steps in 100 days. Each member of the team puts money into the pot, and the bigger the pot, the bigger the earnings! 

Jackpot Challenge

The Jackpot Challenge is mainly what draws so many people to HealthyWage. It’s perhaps also the reason that the website is sometimes labeled as a scam, which after reading this far, you can see it’s not.

The Jackpot Challenge is different from the other bets that you can place on HealthyWage’s website. The main reason is that the Jackpot Challenge is centered around teamwork. This is very beneficial as you and your teammates can encourage one another to reach your goals and win as a team. 

If your team collectively achieves six percent weight loss, you get an equal slice of the Jackpot. Each team unit has to put money into the pot to participate. All of the funds accumulated at the end of the challenge are split evenly among the winning team members.

The accumulated cash jackpot is the amount after HealthyWage’s 25 percent administration fee and any uncollected installment fees have been deducted.  

$10,000 Team Challenge

This is an excellent method to try and earn some money through HealthyWage. You need to sign up with a team of five members. If you’re unable to find four other members for your team, HealthyWage has a feature that can provide you with members for your team. 

The goal of the challenge is to lose the highest percentage of weight as a combined team. Achieving the greatest percentage of weight loss as a team results you and your four team members equally sharing the $10,000 cash prize. 

Sign up to start participating in the challenges today.

The Science Behind HealthWage

There is a science that proves HealthWage’s methodology to be effective in helping people lose weight. HealthyWage provides people with a monetary reward for losing their desired weight. There are many reasons that this works for people. It’s a similar concept to one that is taught in Business Studies.

There is a theory within the workplace that’s similar to the situation presented with HealthyWage. This theory was formed by Frederick Winslow Taylor. The gist of the theory is that there are two significant motivations between employees. One is that workers are motivated by financial means.

This fits into the science that HealthyWage provides. By offering these ’employees’ a situation where they’re monetarily rewarded, this increases their motivation to achieve this goal, and as a result, the monetary prize.  

Presented in this theory by Taylor is HealthyWage’s key to success. Taylor found another behavioral effect on an employee’s productivity. This is that some workers aren’t motivated by money, but rather recognition and praise. Some of the customers that sign up to HealthyWage can be classified as this type of ‘employee.’ 

Some customers sign up because they like the idea of earning money to lose weight, but when it comes time to get to exercising and eating right, they simply don’t have the motivation. It’s usually this, or they start the process of losing the weight, and then when there’s no one to tell them what good progress they’re making, so they give up. The result is that HealthyWage gets to keep that money.   

There is a couple of flaws in this system. Short-term incentives on weight loss are proven to be unsustainable. Once this goal is achieved, people usually gain it right back. Everyone wants a quick fix, but losing weight is a process that takes time. Dropping a ton of weight quickly can be very dangerous for a person’s health and well-being.

HealthyWage provides continuous short-term bets for rapid percentages of weight loss, but nothing is offered to encourage the sustainability of this recent weight loss. 

How Much Can You Earn With HealthyWage?

HealthyWage has its own algorithm when it comes to setting how much you can receive if you win. This is dependent on your current weight, how much time you want to lose weight, how much weight you want to lose, and other requirements.

When speaking generally, everyone’s potential return on investment is different, but a going figure is usually 10 percent. 

How Does HealthyWage Earn Money?

HealthyWage has several different ways that it’s able to earn money. The first one is the money placed on the bets. If a person doesn’t fulfill the amount of weight that was supposed to be lost, they forfeit the initially placed payment.  

HealthyWage takes this money, puts it back into the business, and uses it to pay out other subscribers the money they’re owed for achieving their specified weight loss goal. The website also uses this money to pay for other business expenses. 

They also earns money from its challenges. The accumulated prize money is subject to a 25 percent reduction for the administration fees, which is awarded to HealthyWage.

Many companies want to offer a weight loss incentive to their employees to keep them healthy and the health insurance premiums lower. Instead of creating their own program from scratch, it’s easier for them to partner with already established businesses offering this service. If they partner with HealthyWage, the company pays them money to help fund the employee incentive program.

Pros Of HealthyWage

HealthyWage is a very well-liked platform, and here are some reasons why: 

  • You’re able to get paid for losing weight and achieving your desired weight loss
  • It’s very convenient that HealthyWage pays the money as hard cash, instead of using gift cards or points.
  • You’re able to choose the amount of weight you feel comfortable losing. Nobody decides this number but you.
  • There are a variety of challenges, which gives you the opportunity to earn more money by winning challenges.
  • The steps needed to join the HealthyWage community are limited, which makes it easy to sign-up.
  • Not a lot of information is needed to be given out to participate in the challenges. It mainly consists of your email among a few other requirements.

You can create your HealthyWage account here.

Cons Of HealthyWage

Not all people have had such great experiences, and even if they did, nothing could ever be perfect. HealthyWage is an excellent example of that. There are a few flaws that can be fixed.

Here are some of the negative things about HealthyWage:

  • The website doesn’t provide you with constant income, so you shouldn’t set your sights on losing weight as a career choice. 
  • There is a fee associated with joining the challenges. 
  • The Team Challenge can lead to problems if your teammates decide to throw the towel in and give up, and you won’t be able to win even if you continue to lose weight. This results in you forfeiting the money you put in to enter the challenge

Who Is The Ideal HealthyWage Client?

HealthyWage is the perfect platform for someone who struggles to lose weight by themselves and needs some extra encouragement.  

This website is also suitable for anyone that wants to lose weight. Even if you don’t need the extra encouragement and motivation, it’s nice to know it’s there when you need it. If you’re really committed to some lifestyle changes, it’s savvy to find a way to make some money out of these changes. 

You’re able to make more money if you have more weight to lose. If you are on the heavier side, HealthyWage is an excellent platform for you. You being a little heavier can change very quickly if you sign up with HealthyWage, and why not get a reward for all the work, sweat, and tears you put into taking that weight off.

Conclusion: Is HealthyWage Right For You?

At the beginning of this article, I addressed some concerns with you regarding the legitimacy of HealthyWage as a business. After reading this article and getting to this point, I think you can agree that HealthyWage is definitely a legitimate company that’s fulfilling its word.

The website promises to pay you to lose weight and measures are put in place to ensure you receive a payment if you achieve your desired weight loss goal in the specified time frame.  

The platform is a great, positive space that’s used to motivate people to lose weight. Being fearful of losing the money you have put in makes continuing with the challenge an easy choice.

Why not keep trying to lose as much as possible? If potentially earning extra money isn’t motivation enough, the risk of losing money can drive someone to keep going.

If you have some weight to lose and earning some money for doing that interests you, then Healthy Wage would be an excellent place to sign-up to.

If you don’t need to lose a significant amount of weight, it wouldn’t be beneficial to sign up with HealthyWage. It’s harder to lose weight if you’re not large enough to fit the minimum weight loss requirement. HealthyWage has a condition that you need to lose 10 percent of your total body weight. If you’re looking to lose a mere five-pounds, then this isn’t the platform for you.  

If you’re ready to lose weight and earn money from it, sign up for HealthyWage here.

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