Guest Posting Guidelines

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I appreciate your interest in writing for Money Tamer!

To make sure we’re both on the same page, I’ve written out some guest posting guidelines.


I currently only publish posts regarding the following topics:

Debt Free Stories: journeys, successes, etc.
Side Hustles, Second Jobs, Ways to Earn Money
Unique Saving Money Ideas

Pitching Your Idea

Please send me an email at hellomoneytamer (at) gmail (dot) com with the title indicating it’s a Guest Post Inquiry.

Include a few title/topic ideas and links to other guest posts or writing samples (your own blog is fine too).

Tell me a little about yourself too. What is your area of expertise and do you have any credentials?

If you’ve already written the post, you may submit those for me to review too.

**Please Note: Submitting posts does not mean they will automatically be accepted. I need to keep the style of writing and viewpoints similar to my own style. Please don’t take it personally if I do not accept your post. **

Article Guidelines

Once I’ve approved your idea, please keep the following in mind while you’re writing.

Post Format

You may send me the completed document in Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs (with editing enabled) to hellomoneytamer (at) gmail (dot) com.

Word Count

All posts must be 1000+ words in length or longer. If you’re doing a recipe or DIY tutorial post, word length may vary.

100% Exclusivity

All content must be unique and exclusive to Plantsonify. I run guest posts through copyright checkers to cover myself from potential plagiarism.

Additionally, I cannot allow the republication of content anywhere else, even with a canonical link.

Rights Reserved

I reserve the right to edit or change the entirety of your content for grammar, clarity, and SEO focus.

I also reserve the right to not publish your content if I feel the finished product doesn’t fit with the style or tone of my website or doesn’t fit the guideline requirements.

If I decide that your content will not be published on my site, I will let you know so that you may publish it on your own site or try to find a different blog to use it on.

Once published, the content belongs 100% to Money Tamer.


I will create all images, such as Pinterest pins, for the post. Unless your submission is DIY tutorial, you do not need to provide photos for in-content.

Pictures for Debt-Free Stories articles are appreciated. If your post is a DIY tutorial, you must provide high-quality photographs including in-progress shots, the completed project.

Social Media Sharing

Once your post is published, you agree to share it on all forms of social media you participate in, including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and email lists.

I agree to do the same. This helps the post gain traction and is beneficial to both parties.

Additional Information

Guest posting at Money Tamer will open you up to a new audience and is mutually beneficial. Here are some final points to keep in mind:

You may include 1 dofollow link in the body of the post.
Author Bio where you can include self-promotion. You can include around 200 words with 2 nofollow links to your website or social media.
If you have a product you are linking to, the link must be my affiliate link for that product.

I hope I didn’t overwhelm you! I find that being clear and concise helps make the decision of submitting a guest post easier if you know all that is entailed.

Any questions can be set to hellomoneytamer (at) gmail (dot) com. I look forward to hearing from you!