Becoming A Farmasi Beauty Influencer For Makeup, Skincare & Cosmetics

How To Become A Farmasi Beauty Influencer To Save Half Off Retail

Farmasi beauty influencers are some of the newest makeup and cosmetic consultants and distributors in the USA.

This company originally started in Turkey and has quickly expanded to over 125 different countries.

Farmasi has 67 + years in the cosmetics and health industry so they know what they’re doing. Now, in 2019, they’ve expanded to the United States.

This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase an item through these links, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Please read the full disclosure policy for more info.

This expansion to the United States means that an entirely new and untapped cosmetics market is opening up.

If you’ve been looking for a way to earn extra money selling great, high-quality products you’ll use yourself, then becoming a Farmasi Beauty Influencer is something you should consider.

Farmasi’s sales structure is extremely blogger, YouTuber, and social media influencer friendly as well. It can easily be run like the majority of other affiliate product programs.

Why Become A Farmasi Beauty Influencer?

Interest in Farmasi cosmetics is growing… and FAST!

I’m a skeptical person. If you were to come to me and say “Hey Steffa, I’ve got an opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor!” I’m probably going to roll my eyes at you.

So I’m not going to do that to you. I’m just going to show you the data and proof.

Farmasi Cosmetics Are A Growing Trend

Farmasi cosmetics started the direct sales strategy branch of their business in 2010. Since then, they’ve expanded their direct sales to 24+ markets in over 125 countries.

Below is a trend graph for Farmasi worldwide. You can see that they’ve been steadily climbing since they started direct sales in 2010.

Google trends graph showing increase in Farmasi interest worldwide

Now, take a look at how Farmasi is trending in the USA!

Farmasi USA cosmetics brand trend entering momentum graph

That trend line has exploded since Farmasi started selling makeup in the USA and is only going higher as more people find out about it.

In direct sales, you want to become a product distributor when the company is going through momentum. This typically will last a few years in a market before it tapers off into stabilization mode.

Momentum is when the majority of the money is made because the market isn’t oversaturated. Now is the perfect time to become a Farmasi Beauty Influencer!

Yes, I’d like to begin the super easy application.

Farmasi Entrepreneur Beauty Influencer Facts Packet to answer all your frequently asked questions

A Little Bit About Me

I had a successful career as a zookeeper before having my son in 2017. After he was born, I wanted to stay at home with him.

In order to do this, my husband and I paid off $40,000 in debt and to date have paid off over $80,000 in total.

For it to be feasible for me to stay at home, all our debt had to be gone minus the mortgage.

I also would need to make up the $500 a month deficit there would be in our budget after factoring in childcare and other expenses that come with going to an office.

I was determined that I could do this! I set out and created two successful businesses I could do from home.

I now help other families get financially secure so they can create the family life they want without being trapped by debt.

family photo in bluebonnets

I’m a former military brat (who lived in Turkey for 3 years) and am now a Texas transplant who uses y’all every chance I get.

I’m a professional online marketer who’s been quoted in MarketWatch, YahooFinance, US World News & Report, The Simple Dollar, and many more.

My Farmasi sponsor (or upline) is also an extremely successful businesswoman who has created 3 businesses and is a genius marketer.

I’m telling you this because I want you to feel comfortable signing up knowing you’ll have someone in your corner with resources and assistance to help you go far as a Farmasi consultant.

Join my positive goal-crushing Farmasi team!

Benefits Of Being A Farmasi Beauty Influencer

I want to jump into all the awesome benefits that being a Farmasi distributor has. It’s truly different than any other direct marketing company I’ve come across.

I’m one of those people who “don’t do” MLM’s so it had to be good in order to not only sway me but get me excited!

In fact, for bloggers or other content creators, this program can be used like any other affiliate product you promote.

You can also become an influencer to use it solely for ordering makeup for yourself without needing to start a business.

No Inventory EVER

You read that right. You don’t have to have your own inventory to be a Farmasi rep.

Usually, with direct sales companies, you have to have a small, or very large, initial investment to purchase a ton of products. The product is sold to you at a discount and you hope that you can sell it all to make back the money and some profit.

As a Farmasi consultant, all of the products are ordered online and sent directly to your customers.

This means you don’t have to fiddle with collecting money, having products in stock, packing it up, and waiting at the post office to mail your packages.

You also don’t have to do those product parties and demonstrations (unless that’s your thing.)

woman's face closeup wearing hot pink lipstick holding a makeup brush up to her cheek

Upfront Cost Of $19.99

Getting started as a sales rep or pretty much any other business venture costs more than $19.99. Even signing up to walk dogs costs more than this for the background check.

Even better, this cost of less than $20 gets you a kit of sample products you can try out. I do an unboxing of this starter kit at the bottom of the post.

50% Commission

Farmasi’s commission structure is beauty influencer friendly. Beauty consultants get a 50% commission on ALL products that they sell.

Even if you don’t want to sell products to anyone else, by signing up as a Beauty Influencer, you can get 50% off all your personal orders right from the get-go. It’s like having a permanent discount on all your makeup purchases.

There is a requirement for Beauty Influencers to reach 125PV (around $125) every 3 months so if you don’t think you’ll spend around $41/month on products, it’s best to sign up as a customer instead. But, with all the products Farmasi offers, it’s easy to reach this goal.

Farmasi makeup products including foundations, blush, primer, brow pomade, lipgloss, mascara, and matte liquid lipstick
I got all of this makeup for 50% off!

Affordable & High-Quality Products

I like wearing makeup but don’t like paying a lot. Ultimately, I end up spending a lot of money on makeup because the cheaper versions don’t seem to work as well or cause skin issues.

Thankfully, this isn’t the case with Farmasi makeup. Their products perform like high-end department store products but the cost is along the line that you’d find in a mid-retail store like Target.

The products will state if they’re dermatologically tested, gluten-free, or paraben-free.

Still undecided? Get the FREE 6-page ebook I created about becoming a Farmasi Beauty Influencer. Sign up below!

Farmasi Beauty Influencer Entrepreneur Facts Packet makeup flat lay

Makeup Certification Questions

What won’t you find in Farmasi products?

Farmasi’s makeup and skincare are GMO-free, formaldehyde-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, lead-free, and some items are gluten-free.

Farmasi’s products are GMP Certified (international Good Management Practices Certified) and meet European product standards (TSE Compliance Certified).

This is important because the standards for European cosmetic products are far more strict than those in the United States. You can feel good knowing that the ingredients in these products aren’t harmful to you.

Is Farmasi Cruelty-Free?

Rest assured, Farmasi doesn’t test on animals. Whew! I hate when I hear about an amazing product only to find that animals were harmed.

Farmasi’s animal testing policy states that they’re a strong supporter of animal rights and ethical treatment to animals. They use alternative methods such as clinical tests and modeling to test their products.

Is Farmasi Vegan-Friendly?

Farmasi’s company website doesn’t state that they’re vegan certified. I’ve looked through their ingredients on many of the products and the majority of the products appear to be vegan.

Some of the creams and lipsticks contain beeswax. I didn’t see any carmine or non-vegan coloring in the lipsticks and gloss.

The lip gloss and the majority of the makeup appear to be vegan. The best option is to quickly glance at the ingredients to see if there’s beeswax listed.

Is Farmasi Makeup Halal?

Yes, no need to worry. Farmasi is halal-friendly and has a Halal Certificate posted on their website.

Farmasi Compensation Plan

The most straightforward compensation is through the products that you sell. For all products purchased through your ID number by customers, you’ll earn a 50% commission.

Products you purchase for yourself are already marked down so you don’t get an additional 50% commission on them but you can earn personal volume bonuses that I’ll explain below.

To get started, it only costs a one-time fee of $19.99 that includes a kit with samples. Another great thing to note is that this fee isn’t yearly like many other direct sales companies.

The second way to earn a commission is through people you sponsor (aka downline). You’ll earn a percentage of everything they sell depending on your volume bonus level rank at the end of the month.

Recruiting is optional though. There aren’t any recruiting goals you must hit in order to stay in the company.

Personal Volume (PV) = Points you accumulate from your personal sales from customers and your personal orders.

Group Volume (GV) = Points you accumulate from you and your downlines’ personal sales and customer orders.

Personal Bonus

The personal bonus is based on your personal volume sales (PV). Your monthly group volume (GV) sales assign you to a bonus level. You then earn that percentage on your PV.

An Example: If you ended the month with $500 in customer sales, your bonus level would be 6%. You’d earn $250 from the customer sales (50%) and then an additional $30 as a Personal Bonus ($500 *.06=30)

That’s a monthly earning of $280 on top of the money you saved with your personal discount.

Monthly Group Volume (GV) Bonus Levels

GV Range ($)Bonus Level (%)
$5000 +25%

Group Bonus

If you do recruit a downline, to be eligible to earn a percentage on their group volume (GV) you’ll need to be listed as “active” which means reaching 125PV (personal volume) for the month.

One PV equates to $1 so you’ll need to have sold $125 worth of products in a month to be eligible for the group bonus. This can be a combination of your business-to-consumer (B2C) sales, aka customers, AND the products that you purchase for yourself.

So if you had $75 in customer sales then you’d only need to purchase $50 worth of product for yourself. And remember, with your discount, you’re really getting $100 worth of product for that $50.

For any 1st line Beauty Influencer you recruit, you earn on the difference between your bonus level and theirs for the GV.

An Example: You end the month at the 15% bonus level. Your recruited Beauty Influencer has 700 GV ($700) and is at the 9% bonus level. You earn 6% on their GV (15%-9%) which equals $42 ($700*.06).

This Group Bonus compensation is all on top of your normal customer commissions and Personal Bonus earnings.

Leadership Bonus

If you’re wanting to go all-in, there are additional opportunities to earn bonuses and other incentives like a car and trips which can be found after you sign up.

The bonus level structure changes after you’ve hit the 25% level. As you build your team and they start reaching the higher levels then your pay structure changes since Farmasi rewards Beauty Influencers who train and build successful downlines.

I’m currently a Director in the company and put a lot of effort and time training my downline.

Like I mentioned before though, all of the promoting and getting others to sign up is completely optional. You definitely don’t need to be spamming your friends and family.

This video below goes far more in-depth about the Farmasi compensation plan for Beauty Influencers.

How are Beauty Influencers able to be paid so much?

A Beauty Influencers is considered an independent contractor for Farmasi. Since Farmasi is sold and promoted by the influencers, they don’t have to have brick-and-mortar retail stores.

The cost of having a store is astronomical. You have to pay rent, outfit the store, hire employees, have a huge HR team, etc.

Without needing all of those expenses, the profits can get passed onto the people who are actually doing the selling rather than it all being spent on day-to-day store expenses.

Farmasi Product Prices

Despite that most of the Farmasi products are less than $20, you can get an even better deal by becoming a Beauty Influencer.

Remember, as a Farmasi rep you can order any products you want for yourself at 50% off!

Farmasi ProductRegular PriceBeauty Influencer Price
Liquid Foundation$22.90$11.45
Age Reverse Serum$38.90$19.95
3D Effect Mascara$11.90$5.95
Nail Polish$6.90$3.45

How To Become A Farmasi Beauty Influencer

Yay! I’m glad you’ve decided to become a Farmasi distributor. It’s super easy and can be done in 4 quick steps.

Step 1: Choose “Beauty Influencer”

Go here to the FarmasiUSA website to start.

Scroll down until you see a screen that has the two options as pictured below.

Click the “Choose” button on the left-hand column labeled Beauty Influencer.

Farmasi beauty influencer signup page step 1

Step 2: Fill Out Your Personal Information

Fill out all the personal information boxes listed.

Farmasi beauty influencer signup page step 2 personal information

Step 3: Confirm Stephanie Mantilla #0126004 Is Your Sponsor

This is the most important step if you’d like to be on my team. I will make sure you have support and will be there to help you with any questions.

If you’re on my team, you’re not doing this on your own. If I don’t know an answer to something, I can ask my talented upline for help and resources.

Before completing the signup page, please confirm that I am listed as your upline. There’s no way to change this after the fact so if you’re having trouble, please ask first before signing up.

You’ll know I’m listed as your sponsor by seeing my name at the top of your screen as shown below.

You’ll also see my id #0126004 listed in the “Your Sponsor Code” section. Try manually entering it if it’s saying you have a different sponsor.

Farmasi beauty influencer signup page step 3 sponsor code

Step 4: Select Your Farmasi Beauty Influencer Startup Kit

If you want to stick with the basic starter kit of $19.99 plus shipping, you’ll get some product samples and catalogs.

Want to know what’s in the starter kit? Continue reading below and I’ll show you the unboxing.

If you want larger-sized beauty samples, then choose one of the larger kits. These kits are discounted at a rate greater than 50% and now is the only time to add them.

These larger kits cost $49, $125, and $200 but are a seriously great deal.

Once you’ve decided on your products, choose your shipping and pay.

Voila! You’re now a Farmasi Beauty Influencer!

Farmasi beauty influencer signup page step 4 add additional product packs

Step 5: Welcome To The Group

Once you’re signed up, I’ll be notified by Farmasi. I’ll contact you via email to welcome you to the team and give the training and support you need.

Important Note: If you do not see me listed as your sponsor after you sign up, you must contact customer service to request to be assigned Stephanie Mantilla, Sponsor Code #0126004.

Occasionally there are glitches in the system and you’ll be assigned “root” or none at all. If that’s the case, I never get notified you signed up so please check. It’s an easy fix when this happens.

In your welcome email, I’ll send you my exclusive 15 page Beauty Influencer Welcome Packet ebook that I created.

It walks you through how to get started and navigate the Farmasi Entrepreneur behind the scenes. This ebook is full of tutorials and helpful links to steer you towards success.

Farmasi Entrepreneur Beauty Influencer exclusive Welcome Packet on a desk with pink blush flat lay

I’ll also show you where to go to be put on my Farmasi Entrepreneur training email list where I share selling tips and marketing secrets for attracting customers.

This list is solely for Beauty Influencers who have me as their sponsor. I’m so excited to have you as a member of my team and will do anything I can to help you.

What’s In The Farmasi Beauty Influencer Starter Kit?

If you’re trying to decide whether to stick with the starter kit or add on one of the larger kits, this starter kit unboxing should help make your decision.

Beauty Influencer Starter Kit Unboxing

The Beauty Influencer Starter Kit comes in a white box with hot pink details. It has both English and Spanish wording.

It also came with 5 product catalogs and a smaller brochure featuring the exclusive Christmas holiday gift box kit options. These gift kits will make perfect Christmas presents for friends and family.

Farmasi Beauty Influncer starter kit box and product catalog unboxing

Here is everything that comes with the Farmasi Starter Kit. You get makeup and skincare samples, two gift bags, a skincare guide, and product information.

Farmasi beauty influencer starter kit contents unboxing

Farmasi Starter Kit Contents:

Your starter kit contents may vary slightly depending on what samples the company has at the time.

Set of 14 mini lipstick samples (7 matte, 3 true color, 4 intense color)
Stay Matte Foundation samples (1 each in colors 01-04)
Dr. C Tuna Calendual Oil samples (1 hand cream, 2 face creams, 1 sleeping mask)
Dr. C Tuna Massage Gel samples (3 horse chestnut balsam relaxing gel, 1 paprika & chili balsam soothing gel)
Dr. C Tuna Vitalizing Shampoo samples (4 garlic & capixyl revitalizing shampoos)
5 Farmasi product catalogs and 1 Christmas product boxes brochure
2 product gift bags, Skincare Guide brochure, and Farmasi company information brochure
closeup of Farmasi Beauty Influencers starter kit product samples

With the samples, you get a nice variety of their best-selling products. The foundation and mini lipsticks come in a range of colors.

The massage gel, garlic shampoo, and calendula skincare line sample amounts will allow you to decide if you’d like to purchase a larger version.

closeup of Farmasi Beauty Influencers starter kit mini lipstick colors product samples and beauty never dies gift bags

As you can see, you get quite a good variety for the $19.99 price tag. Couple that with the fact that any additional products you order from now on can be purchased at a 50% off savings.

Can I Sell Farmasi In My Boutique, Salon, Or Store?

Yes, if you own a salon or boutique then Farmasi is the perfect product to sell to your customers. If you’re a Beauty Influencer, they allow you to set up Farmasi products to sell just like you would with any other product in a store.

Farmasi has a limited edition product display for their distributors exactly for this purpose. The display will come fully stocked with makeup samples for your customers to test.

Can I Purchase Additional Samples Of Farmasi Products To Give Out To My Customers?

Yes, you can. The Farmasi Starter Kit already comes with some samples. If you need more or run out, you can put the search term “sachet” in the Farmasi catalog for the list of current product sample offerings.

The current sample sachets are all the foundations, face creams, shampoos, face masks, and eye creams.

As of right now, the only way to get the mini lipstick samples is through the Starter Kit but that could always change if there’s increased interest.

Still not sure if you want to be a Farmasi distributor?

Rather stick to being a traditional Farmasi customer? No problem!

Head over to this post to learn how to buy without being a Beauty Influencer.

If you have any questions regarding becoming a Beauty Influencer feel free to leave them in the comments below or contact me directly at hellomoneytamer (at) gmail (dot) com.

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Steffa Mantilla

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Steffa is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) and the founder behind Money Tamer. Her 12-year background in operant conditioning and positive behavioral change training is used to help people find effective motivators to change their harmful money behaviors. Steffa explains the reasons “why” behind people’s financial behaviors and how to successfully change them. After paying off over $80,000 in debt through budgeting, she now teaches families how to get their own finances in order. You can learn more about her here.

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60 thoughts on “Becoming A Farmasi Beauty Influencer For Makeup, Skincare & Cosmetics”

          1. Nope, the only requirement is that you have one purchase every 6 months to keep from being wiped from the system. Every month you’ll get paid customer commissions regardless of whether you personally bought something. Customer sales aren’t a requirement either. You can simply use the discount for yourself.

            If you plan on recruiting a team of Beauty Influencers and training them, then you’d need to accrue 125PV (roughly $125) every month to be labeled as “active” in the system to get paid commissions on your downline. It’s also not a requirement to recruit other OR hold any product as stock. Your customers can order directly from Farmasi.

  1. Wonderful post, Steffa – very convincing!

    I can totally relate and would join if I didn’t have my own two online businesses already.

    Like you, I had a successful career and had to quit it to stay home with my son. The difference is that I am older than you are and my son is an adult with disabilities. One of my businesses is in affiliate marketing, but another one… Well, like you, I “don’t do” MLM’s… and yet I joined one over a year ago. Thus, I can totally appreciate how good Farmasi is. I joined my company because it’s a young one in a skyrocketing industry (CBD products). So, I totally agree that the best time to join a direct sales company is when it’s trending high. Since Farmasi just expanded to the American market, NOW is the perfect time to become its beauty influencer.

    The high-quality products, no inventory needed, low-cost enrollment fees and kits to buy (well, in my case, there is actually none, but Farmasi’s fees are very affordable!), fantastic 50% commission, no recruiting goals – it all tells me that the company is worth to join! It sounds like your compensation plan is pretty simple (ours is 3-layered, but also easy enough to understand and very lucrative). Is Farmasi’s Compensation Plan available to view in full before joining?

    To all your readers: I am a skeptic, but the company Steffa invites you to join, sounds like one of a few in MLM world that will NOT rip you off and with your focused work and effort could become a good source of your additional income.

    All the best to you,

    ~ Julia

      1. Is there a minimum requirement to get the 50% discount on personal purchases? For example, if 6 months after signing up, I sell nothing that month and I personally purchase a $30 product, will I get the $15 price?

        1. Hi Ariel,
          Nope, no minimums! As a Beauty Influencer, every product you purchase is at the 50% discount. So yes, if the retail price of the products is $30, when you’re signed into your Beauty Influencer account those same products would end up being $15.


  2. I haven’t heard of Farmasi products before but they look great and so affordable too. This is a really good opportunity to get onboard with.

  3. Love that the timing here seems to be just right as they have just entered a new market and there appears to be a way to go before saturation occurs. Also really great that they are well established and have the support available to those that wish to take this on as a serious business. The products look great so there doesn’t look to be any need for a ‘hard sell’. Great opportunity for many.

  4. Wow what a great comprehensive article on being a Farmasi Influencer! Farmasi sounds like a great company with a lot of opportunities for growth. I always really admire beauty influencers as there is so much talent behind this industry!

      1. Hello, Steffa. I too am weary of mlms …would you say it’s safe to provide so much personal information to an out of country company? Thanks and hope to hear back!

        1. Hi Marlo,
          That’s a great question. One thing to note is that Farmasi has been around since 2004 and is worldwide in 22 countries. It’s only recently that they opened up the US market after getting all the proper legal go-ahead to do so for the United States. Many of the countries they’ve been in prior to the US are part of the European Union so they would have to be General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant which is considered the toughest data privacy and security law. The website is set up like all other online commerce stores or affiliate programs people use every day; they just happen to have been founded in Turkey.

          Hope this helps!

  5. Looks like a really solid company and a terrific way to started on your own, without having to work for anyone else (or going to an office) Always a good idea!

  6. I have a question. Can I sell Farmasi products in my boutique? I know some direct sells have limits as to where you can sell. Also, as a consultant can I purchase samples for my customers?

    1. Yes, Rene! Farmasi lets you sell their products in boutiques. Later this year they’ll be coming out with a product display for situations just like this. For samples, if you get the Starter Kit, it comes with a few samples for skincare and mini lipsticks. Later on if you need more samples, you can search “sachet” on the Farmasi product search and choose which samples you’d like. As of right now, mini lipstick samples aren’t orderable outside of the Starter Kit but that could change. Let me know if you have any more questions!

    1. Yay! I’m so excited to have you on my team. You should’ve received an email in your inbox from me with more info. If you don’t see it, contact me via hellomoneytamer (at) gmail (dot) com so I can get that sorted for you.

    1. Hi Amber,
      After you sign up for the $19.99 starter kit, there are no other fees monthly or otherwise. In order to stay “active” and not get deleted from the system, you’ll have to make sure you’ve ordered something every 6 months. This can be as small as a lipgloss though.

      There isn’t a quota if your plan is to use the 50% discount for yourself or to sell to customers. You’ll earn 50% of any customer orders.

      If you plan on recruiting other Beauty Influencers in your downline, the compensation plan is a little more complicated. To get a percentage of your downline’s sales, you’ll need to sell 125 personal volume for the month. Here is a link that explains the exact earnings breakdown if you plan to build a team.

      Let me know if I can help you with anything else!

  7. Great read. My daughter just started selling Farmasi and she loves it, but she is concerned on how to order for friends that want to pay her directly and her order the products. How would she need to go about that?

    Thank s in advance.

    1. Hi Donna,
      When ordering for others, she would submit the order like she would when ordering personal products. Then it’s up to your daughter to collect the money via Paypal, cash, Venmo, check, etc. from her friends. She can calculate what the products would’ve cost and split the shipping amongst them in an invoice.

      This is a good way to cut down on shipping costs. If there were to be any issues with the products, the friends would have to go through your daughter to get refunds or replacements since the order is under her account.

      Hope this helps!

  8. Hi there! I watched a video about the Farmasi compensation plan, and it says that you have to have $125 personal purchase or $250 in sales/month in order to be active for the month. The video I watched makes it seem like you have to maintain this every month in order to be active. Is that correct?

    1. Hi Rose,
      It mainly depends on what your goal is: use the 50% discount for yourself and not sell OR sell Farmasi and create a team of Beauty Influencers under you that you train. If you’re only interested in the 50% discount, as long as you have one sale of any amount (even as little as $6) every 6 months, you’ll stay in the system. You won’t be labeled as “active” though; it merely prevents your account from being erased and allows you to keep your discount.

      To be labeled as “active” a Beauty Influencer would have to reach the 125 PV (personal volume) every month. PV is made up of items you buy for yourself and orders that your customers put in after they’ve signed up under you. The 125 PV is the level the Beauty Influencer needs to reach in order to be eligible for earnings for that month. So if you host a makeup party one month, you could easily become active and get paid and then the next month not buy anything. If you want to be labeled as active every month and get paid percentages of your personal volume and group volume sales, then yes, you’d need to reach the 125PV every month.

      The 125PV roughly equates to $125 but if you have customers who purchase $75 of product then you’d only need to get an additional 50PV yourself for that month in order to be labeled as “active” and eligible to earn the sales commission from your customers.

      Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions!


  9. This sounds very interesting and right up my alley, however I am one of those very skeptical people about things like this. I am a single mom of 2 little girls and within the last 6 months or so I have been wanting to find some type of work I could do at home and also something I enjoy doing (I have really been interested in makeup in the last year) with that being said I’m also a person who is scared of change at first. I have been at my recent job for just over 6 years working with adults with intellectual disabilities until I was recently fired over attendence, I’m now lost on what I want to do next and reading this information has me interested in wanting to give this a go but like I said I’m skeptical too, mainly as if it’s worth it and something semi easy for me to do along with is it financially worth it and how taxes and all that works with it. Would love for more information on those and more feedback with everything that comes with it! Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Kaylea,
      The good thing about Farmasi is that they are very low commitment money-wise. By signing up as a Beauty Influencer for $19.99, that gets you a small starter kit with lipstick samples, cream samples, and foundation samples. If you decide you don’t like their stuff then no big loss; you basically paid for some makeup samples.

      If you DO like their products and want to sell it, you don’t have to buy tons of inventory like with other companies. Your customers can create a customer account on the website under your link and order their items directly from there but you get credit for it. You earn a 50% commission on all customer orders. There’s no minimum amount you need to sell a month to get your commission from customer orders. If you’re focusing on customer sales, you only need to place one personal order every 6 months to keep from being deleted from the computer system.

      If you plan on recruiting other Beauty Influencers under you, that’s a little more involved. You’re responsible for their training and helping them be successful. The commission payout for recruited Beauty Influencers is also more complex. To be eligible to receive commissions on your Beauty Influencers, you’d need to have 125PV (personal volume) which equates to $125 personal sales in a month. This can be combo of your own personal orders or customer orders.

      In regards to taxes, you’re considered an independent contractor so would be responsible for paying taxes from the money you earn.

      If you have other questions, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].


  10. Rowena Singleton

    Hi There, I am interested in becoming a Farmasi Consultant. I am in Australia though. Can I be one here in Australia and do you have any more info on how it works here in Australia?
    Thank you! ☺️

    1. Hi Rowena,
      Unfortunately, Farmasi hasn’t expanded to Australia yet so they aren’t taking signups from there. I know they’re expanding to Canada and Mexico this year but haven’t heard anything about Australia. 🙁

      1. Mirjana Stefanovic

        Hi Steffa,

        I know u said in 2020 that Farmasi hasn’t come to Australia yet. But do u know if it will come in 2022? As I would love to be a consultant for the company!

  11. Hi, I also live in Texas and was considering selling Farmasi products in a boutique. My question is, do I have to file with the State of Texas for a sales tax ID in order to sell the products retail? Or is this covered by being a Farmasi Beauty Influencer?

    1. Hi Nicole,
      I’m not a tax professional so definitely seek the advice of one to be sure. It is my understanding that you would need a sales tax ID in this scenario. As a Beauty Influencer, you’re buying the products at wholesale and then will be selling them retail in your boutique. You’re considered an independent contractor for Farmasi which means you are responsible for figuring out taxes/withholding for yourself.

      It’s different if you’re having your customers order directly online and won’t be carrying products to sell in your store. Direct online orders go through the Farmasi company so they charge tax on that. You’d still need to figure out your taxes for the money you earn off customer commissions though.
      Hope this helps!


    1. Hi Connie,
      If you’re signing up as a customer, then you can just order products like any other online store. For the signup as a Beauty Influencer, you’re being onboarded as an independent contractor for Farmasi. Please note that this isn’t tax nor legal advice. Companies in the United States that pay freelancers/contractors usually need to submit 1099 forms to the IRS. In order to do so, the most common way is by including the SSN or EIN/TIN of each independent contractor and how much they were paid.

      Hope this helps,

  12. I just signed up as an influencer. Is there a link or username I would share to make sure any product that’s bought from others will go under my sales ?

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