How Debt Free Coloring Charts Will Help You Hit Your Financial Goals

Stay Motivated Paying Off Debt And Reaching Savings Goals Using Debt Free Coloring Charts

If you have a lot of debt, it can be difficult to stay motivated to pay it off over a long period. Savings goals are also difficult to hit unless you’re seeing the progress.

An estimated 65% of the human population are visual learners. This means that they remember best through visual communication.

As with most money topics, if you’re not consistently communicating and working on them, it is easy to lose focus. This is why debt-free payoff and savings coloring charts are excellent at keeping you motivated towards your goals.

Debt payoff and savings goal coloring pages

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Why Use A Debt Free Payoff Or Savings Goal Coloring Chart?

Having a constant visual reminder of your goals helps keep you consistent. Coloring in a section of the chart is an active learning process.

Also, let’s face it, it’s fun!

You’d be surprised how motivating saving $20 can be if it means that when you get home you can bring out the colored pencils.

For consistent motivation, I suggest putting the charts somewhere conspicuous. I have mine on the side of my fridge.

Every time I go into my kitchen I can’t help but see them. Using bright colors makes them extra eye-catching.

Debt payoff coloring chart on fridge

You can see that there is a motivational quote next to it. I created the quote page as well. Multiple coloring pages or a motivational quote are perfect for a mini motivational board on the side of your fridge.

✅ Don’t forget to pick up some bright and colorful supplies to fill in your charts!

Benefits Of Visuals For Goals

1) Lets Your Brain Know It’s Important

Your brain processes tons of data every second. Most of what it comes across are filtered out of your consciousness. You can’t pay attention to every breath you take.

The things your brain takes notice of are the things you keep reminding yourself of. Just like when you’re thinking about buying a new car, suddenly you start seeing that car everywhere.

Your brain does the same thing with items you surround yourself with. Having a brightly colored goal coloring chart posted prominently will keep your brain from brushing it off as noise.

2) Visuals Tap In To Your Emotions

In addition to looking pretty, visuals like coloring sheets are processed in the same part of the brain that processes emotions.

Once you set your goal and hang up your chart, it will be a constant reminder of that goal. Either way, if it stays empty or gets colored in, you’ll have a response.

Your brain will keep it front of mind and want to complete the goal.

3) Goal Memory Will Be Better

How many times have you read something only to immediately forget what you had just read?

When reading text, it’s easy to quickly forget the information and not fully process it.

Text gets processed by your short-term memory first. Visuals are different. Images are processed by long-term memory so they will stick with you longer.

4) Drives Motivation Through Praise

If your coloring chart is captivating with interesting shapes and bright colors, you’re more likely to be motivated.

Images that humans find boring or uninteresting don’t keep our attention and focus. Filling out your coloring chart is a form of self-praise that keeps you working towards your goal.

Creating Your Own Motivational Coloring Pages

In order to create these coloring visuals, use a program called Canva. You’re able to create a wide variety of printables using their FREE version.

Even for someone who isn’t design-inclined, you can create a coloring page in less than 20 minutes!

Overall Benefits Of Goal Coloring Pages

Not only is using coloring charts for your goals fun, but it also keeps you consistent and the goal front of mind.

Humans remember visual information better than text so using a coloring page for paying down your credit card or saving for vacation makes it more likely you’ll succeed.

A cheerful coloring page will increase your serotonin when you get to fill in another segment. This, in turn, will make you more motivated and will actually continue faster.

Harnessing the power of positive association will create a self-fulfilling cycle that supercharges your motivation toward your goal.

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Debt Free Charts Motivate You To Reach Your Goals

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