11 Best Affordable & Stylish Cash Envelope System Wallets

11 Best Stylish And Cheap Cash Envelope Wallet Systems For Cash Budgeting

It’s no secret that the cash envelope budgeting system is great for getting control of your finances. The cash for each budget category is taken out and placed in the corresponding envelope.

Once the envelope runs out of money, you can’t spend any more from that category until the next pay period. This is a great visual way to really hit your pain receptors. You’re physically handing over cash that you aren’t getting back.

Do you want to use cash envelopes but don’t know how to carry them with you? The bulky envelopes don’t fit into standard wallets and, honestly, so many of them are UGLY.

Don’t worry! I’ve done all the research for you. Below are 11 of the best stylish and affordable cash envelope system wallets reviewed. They are just what you’ve been looking for.

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Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick look at the best cash envelope wallets:

1. Bella Taylor Navy Microfiber Cash System Wallet


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This microfiber wallet comes in a dark navy color and many other solids and prints. The front latch opens to an area that can hold 6 cards, a checkbook, a pen, and 2 window slots for IDs.

The main compartment of the wallet is zippered to prevent any cash or coins from falling out. Instead of just one divided compartment, there are 8 envelope slots that are easily able to be customized with your own labels.

This wallet’s main benefit is you don’t have to fuss with paper envelopes. Everything is built into the wallet. The separate card area allows for easy access without having to zip and unzip.

2. Savvycents Wallet


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The Savvycents wallet comes in a bunch of colors including neutrals, bronze, plaid, and floral patterned.

Similar to the Bella Taylor wallet, the Savvycents has 5 built-in envelope slots with tabs that can be customized. The main difference is that the entire wallet zips on the Savvycents wallet. You don’t have an easy access latch to get to your cards.

If you plan on only using cash, then this isn’t an issue since you have to use the zipper to access the cash on both wallets. Bella Taylor is the better choice if you want fast access to your cards.

3. Winner: Best Affordable Cash Wallet – Eurlove Wallet


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This wallet isn’t billed as a cash envelope system but it would definitely work as one. It’s large enough to hold your passport and your phone so paper cash envelopes will fit inside the pocket.

This wallet zips all the way around and includes a detachable wristlet. This wallet is a good choice if you prefer a wide range of colors.

The color options are pink (as shown above), black, gray, and navy blue. It also costs a lot less than what the wallets above cost!

4. Tyvek Water Resistant Cash Envelope Wallet


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This tan wallet boasts being made out of Ole’flex fabric which is water and stain-resistant.

An accordion-style wallet, there are 5 slots to organize your cash envelopes. Your card slots are located on the front slot and the back slot has a zippered coin pouch.

The wallet closes with a snap flap which makes opening and closing it simple. The wristlet is detachable. With this wallet, I like that it is lightweight and thin. The durability and ease of cleaning are other positives.

5. Winner: Best Cash Budgeting Wallet For Travel – Bveyzi RFID Blocking Wallet


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This wallet is able to hold an iPhone 8 plus, a checkbook, and a passport. Due to its size, this wallet probably isn’t practical for everyday use, unless you carry a large purse.

It zips fully around and inside are 17 card slots. The two accordion-style slots offer ample storage space for your cash envelopes.

The wallet’s 17 card slots are RFID protected to keep your data safe from being skimmed. If the yellow is too bright for you, this wallet comes in a nice range of neutral color options.

This wallet is the perfect size for traveling on vacation with your cash envelopes which makes it the winner for the “best cash budgeting wallet for travel” category.

6. Lavemi RFID Blocking Travel Wallet


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Another great budgeting wallet for travel. This wallet is very similar to the Bveyzi travel wallet above but isn’t quite as thick and costs slightly more.

Lavemi has A LOT more color options and even includes pebbled, smooth, suede, and metallics. You’re sure to find a color that coordinates in this brand.

This wallet has the same 17 slots for cards that are RFID protected. The two accordion bill slots are large enough for budgeting envelopes to slide in.

It’s large enough to hold your phone as well. If you attach your keys to the wristlet, you can use this as a clutch purse and forgo carrying a purse.

7. Winner: Best Non-Leather Budgeting Wallet – Hilinker Envelope Clutch


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This chic envelope clutch wristlet is made out of PU leather. The leather alternative is vegan-friendly but still holds up well.

The front snap of the envelope tab opens to a spacious area for cards, a pen, and plenty of room for your cash envelopes. The zippered coin pouch makes sure none of your coins escape.

The wristlet is detachable for when you want a sleeker clutch look. You can choose from neutrals of black, beige, and brown or go bold with pink and red.

With this option not being leather, it costs around half of what some of the other wallets sell for!

8. Itslife RFID Blocking Waxed Wallet Clutch


This is one of my favorite designs for a large budgeting envelope-friendly wallet/clutch. This wallet differs from the others since it doesn’t zip around the perimeter.

Once you undo the front snap, there are 21 card slots that are RFID protected. There is also a unique second envelope tab snap that your envelopes can go into.

This wallet is slightly shorter than the two travel wallets above but is still able to fit an iPhone 8 plus.

If you like this style of budgeting wallet, you’ll be even happier to know that there are 32 color options, including waxed, pebbled, and natural leather.

9. Winner: Best Planner Style Budgeting System Wallet – Soligt All-In-One Cash Envelopes Wallet


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This wallet is like a cross between a budgeting wallet and a planner. It’s an extremely popular style that is constantly going out of stock.

If it happens to be in stock when you’re looking, snap it up before its sold out again.

Its made from a stylish black leather that zips completely closed. There are slots for your cards and a zippered coin pouch.

What sets this budgeting wallet from all the rest is the built-in notebook rings. These rings securely hold 12 cash envelopes in place. Also included are 12 budget sheets where you can write down what you spent from the envelope.

You can order replacement budget sheets and change out the envelopes to other styles.

10. Divvy Up The Savvy Spender Wallet Envelope System


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This is a nice, simple, no-frills envelope system. It’s a simple foldover clutch with one large pocket to fit the envelopes. The wallet holds 12 cards and there’s a zippered coin pouch in the middle.

The benefits of this wallet are the envelopes. You get 5 easy to clean envelopes that have a magnetic closure. This cuts down on the bulk you get if you had zippers on each envelope.

Each envelope is a different color. The downsides are that there aren’t any labels. It’ll take a bit to get in the habit of using them and remembering which color means which category.

A way to get around this would be to sew a label onto the outside of each envelope or have a piece of paper inside each pouch.

11. Bonus Idea: Kate Spade Cash Envelope Planner Wallet Hack

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This is a nifty hack for the Kate Spade personal planners I recently discovered that I wanted to share with you all!

If you’re someone who always has their daily planner on them, this may be the perfect setup for you. The video above shows how to convert your Kate Spade Wellesley or Grove Street Planners into a budgeting cash wallet combo.

Here are the products you need to convert your planner:

This planner/cash envelope system costs a lot more than all of the other wallet systems. The inserts are all A6 size which is a standard size when you’re searching.

If you have a Kikki-K, Filofax, or Foxy Fix zip-around planner in size A6, you can convert those to this system.

Using Cash Envelope System Wallets Will Keep You Within Your Budget

Using a dedicated cash envelope system wallet will make it easier to stick to your budget. You won’t accidentally have forgotten the envelopes at home or misplaced one.

By having all of your envelopes in the same dedicated location, you ensure that you always know how much money is left in each category. A cash system takes a little getting used to but in the long run, it can makeover your budget for the better.

Are you using a cash envelope wallet? Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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